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as soon as you sign up, you'll get access to
the first week's course materials

Join now to get early access so you can prepare fully to get the most out of the course! We are already in the Facebook group doing introductions and I'm sharing the intro PDF reading material in the course area of this site, to get everyone started. People are sharing really powerful goals, and I'm super excited for the course!! - Ranya

It's time to *really* connect.

We're done with fake smiles

We're done with "looking over the audience's heads" because we can't face them.

We're done with resting bitch face.

We're done with stiff, stilted dancing that bores everyone. (You know it does!)

We're done with holding our breath.

We're done with people feeling bad for us, and done with feeling judged and embarrassed.




Are you ready to shine like you deserve to?   To be comfortable in your own skin when you are in the spotlight?

Ready to not stick out as the "scared one" in your group performances?

Ready to feel like the master and not the victim?


Are you already a star (you know it, baby!)  ...and you want to take it even further, to command your audience?

Or maybe you're a teacher or troupe leader looking for inspiration, to truly help your dancers shine?

Since I began teaching the elements of the Breathwork for Performance method two decades ago, I've helped thousands of dancers and other performing artists to accelerate their development and amplify their presence in front of their audiences. Are you ready to get access to these tools, to use for yourself?


The intro online series for my signature Breathwork for Performance method starts now... and I think you'll want to be a part of it!

Breathwork for Performance is an integral part of my dancing, teaching, and coaching method, something I've been developing since 1996, and I'm really excited to share it for the first time online. It covers all the ways you can apply your own breathing to the different aspects of your dance and performances. Calming your nerves, preparing to go out onstage, settling into yourself, connecting with your music, connecting with your space, connecting with your audience, self-acceptance and "uplift," letting go of self-doubt or feelings of judgment from others... it's all in there, in a powerful, integrated approach that will make you feel powerful and in control even as you enable the audience to see you and connect with you in a more profound way.

Before I met Ranya I felt like I wanted to speak but I had no voice. Through Ranya’s coaching methods she has taught me how to unlock my potential and become a really effective performer and artist. Now I feel like I can truly connect with myself, my audience and share my voice through my dance. Learning how to dance from my core, how to focus my attention and use of breathwork through Ranya’s methods has really transformed my dance. I cannot recommend Ranya enough. If you truly want to invest in your dance and take it to another level, invest in Ranya, you won’t regret it!

—Roslyn Hart, New Zealand

Click here for some more information and testimonials!

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    Written and video exercises to set goals for the series, and tune in to any energetic and physical blocks, so you can start working on them through this method, to open yourself up as a dancer and performer, gain more confidence, and relax physically, in your body and facial expression
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    LIVE meetings throughout the series at different times to include worldwide time zones of participants and schedules (one session per week). Don't worry:  even if you can’t attend live, these sessions will be recorded, so you can catch the video after, join in the comments and questions thread, and be able to come back to again and again over the series anytime you want to review and keep absorbing the content.
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    Dedicated private (secret) Facebook group OR login-based forum page on my site (probably the latter- it is in the works!) to connect with fellow participants, ask me questions, share successes, and gain accountability in your process with social support. I’ll be in the group just about every day, answering your questions and replying to your posts.
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    NEW Breathwork for Performance video training modules that you can watch and digest on your own time, on any device!  In each video, I'll go over a different aspect of the Breathwork for Performance method, including general Breathwork for Performance training as well as Breathwork for Bellydance. The mental aspects, the physical aspects, the tricks and tools, the psychology and practice of it  ...all of it!!  
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    Downloadable printable PDF references on the Breathwork for Performance method, diagnostics (very useful for teachers too!), and checklist of tips and tools you can put into use each time you dance or perform

SCHEDULE -- 2018 Breathwork for Performance series

The exact live broadcast times will be announced after polling the early registrants, so sign up early to be sure your times are represented in the schedule, if you want to be there for at least some of the live sessions. All sessions will be recorded and posted! So don't worry if you are across the world in Europe or Asia or “down under” or just not free at certain times – You'll be able to access the videos shortly after they are recorded, on the online portal!

PRE-SERIES:   Testing the technology of the live meeting service (for those of you who are new to it), checking you equipment and internet connection for smooth participation; I'll set the live times based on the time zones and general availability of course members. If you have questions and are not able to attend a live meeting, don't worry, you can submit questions for me to answer live, and then you can listen to the recording after!

(PS- I'll be creating a new  SURPRISE BONUS PRE-SERIES SUPER-NERDY COGNITIVE-PSYCHOLOGY-BASED TRAINING  in May and I'd like to preview it on you if you join the course! This is for the real nerds... and it will also help with a new perspective on your performance preparation... 😀 This extra training will be available at end of April/early May, to coincide with the audience-related breathwork material, and there will be a discounted rate for course members!)

Each week of the series, I'll be presenting a live video class based on the week's video training, with breathwork activity and drills practice, as well as some time at the beginning and end for answering your questions.


PS- Don't worry if you "miss" a week because you are busy or traveling, you'll get access to everything on video and can catch up the next week. Also, once the forum setup on my site is completed, it will be easier to find material by the week/lesson (more organized than in a Facebook group), so you can pick up where you left off before catching up to where others are at.

 WEEK 1:   Intro to Breathwork for Performance: the origins, the method, the philosophy; suggested written and video exercises for tuning in and assessing your relationship with your own breathing, facial expression, physicality, and assessing your comfort and discomfort zones that you'll work on during the series.

WEEK 2: Breathwork for Connection with yourself; using breathwork tools to take stock of how you feel, calm/relax yourself or pump yourself up; mental and physical preparation before performance using breathwork tools; benefits of "finding neutral"

WEEK 3: Breathwork for Shaping the Body for Bellydance; how breathing interacts with the dance musculature, and how to maximize your breathing for technique enhancement; organizing your breathing for different belly dance technique needs; technique situations where you need to hold your breath and how to cover for this (so no one knows your secret)

WEEK 4: Breathwork for Connecting with the Space; intro to different breathwork-painting styles to spread your energy around the performance space; different levels of eye gaze and sending energy in the space; working with different kinds and sizes of performance space; learning how to relate with the space no matter how large or small the audience is

WEEK 5: Breathwork for Musicality; using breathing as a score for the music; working with different ways of "playing" or accompanying the music with your breath; how and when to apply sound in your breathwork practice

WEEK 6: Sharing the Air: philosophy of breathwork connection with the audience; practical tools to connect with the audience using your breathing as a focusing tool; different breathwork actions you can apply using your audience (e.g., sending, taking, "vapor breath", "throwing a net", "breathing along a string," casting a spell...)

WEEK 7: Sharing the Air, continued: pairing breathwork and eye gaze in connecting with audience members; working with different kinds of audience members, fellow performers, band members

WEEK 8: Breathwork troubleshooting: fixing blockages before they are visible to an audience; diagnosing issues that may come up in applying BFP practice; basic tips for teachers who want to introduce their students to breathwork; introduction to the "Embrace Your Mistakes" concept of self-acceptance and in-the-moment onstage problem-solving

POST-SERIES: Wrap-up and final surveys; exercise to set goals for yourself for the next 90 days

Access to the video trainings and discussion forum will be for the duration of the series plus 30 days, so you will have time to re-visit any sections you want to, after the official close of the series.

I promise you’ll get a host of powerful tools in this series.
Once you experience this method, I predict you'll never look at performances the same way again!

That's why I'm offering a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE for the Breathwork for Performance series.
If you join, and participate actively throughout the course, and in the end you don't feel like the tools you have learned are practical, useful, and powerful, I will refund your money, if you request it on the last day of the course. I believe in this method so much, I am willing to guarantee it for you, so that you can try it out with confidence! (And that goes for any of your friends who you refer to the course as well!)


Q: It's my first time in an online course, and this sounds a little “hi-tech” … I’m new to video sharing and web conferences. How do I know if I have the right equipment and skills for this?

A: If you are not super-technical, don’t worry! We can help you get set up. I know it is possible to bring you quickly into the digital age, if you are not already there. The conferencing service I use, Zoom, also has its own online tutorials, and you can even test your equipment with them before starting the series to be sure you are set up and ready to go for the live meetings (it’s pretty easy!).

Many computers have a built-in webcam that is decent, but you may have more flexibility and better quality with a separate webcam. I have found from my own experience that the popular Logitech C920 HD (currently around $50 online, but you may find it cheaper too–just make sure it’s that model) has great quality, even for capturing dance (which not all webcams can do as well, since most are oriented towards more “talking head” uses. For participant in the Breathwork for Performance series, having a good webcam is not as important as it is for the online coaching series (such as Bring Your Best! or the Baladi Coaching Series), but I still want to be able to see you all if you are attending the live sessions, so we can make that connection, and also if you have any technique questions you want answered.

Q: When are the live meetings and how long are they? I don’t see specific dates and times for those yet….

A: These will be scheduled and set after people start to sign up. There will be one live session per week, of 1 to 1.5 hours in length depending on what questions people have. If you are attending live, please show up at the beginning of the meeting, and it's best to get on 5-10 minutes before the start of the meeting to have time to log in and get yourself set up. 

Once the times are announced, you can look at  or to convert New York's EST (Eastern Standard Time) or EDT (Eastern Daylight Time- after our clocks change in March) to your own time zone; Time Buddy is a great app for iPhone too for keeping track of times in other zones).

My goal in setting up the live meeting times will be to have each of you who wants to be able to attend at least one meeting in the series to do that, so I can meet you "in person"! And also to give you a chance to get seen and ask questions.

Q: I can’t make any/every live meeting. Can I still join the series?

A: Absolutely yes! It’s fun to be there for each other live when possible. But everything will be recorded so you can watch it and re-watch it on your own. 

Q: I’m not on Facebook and I don’t really want to join it… Can I still participate in the series’ discussions?

A: In the past, series members who didn’t want to have their real identity on Facebook for whatever reason did set up a “pseudonym” profile so that they could still participate in the group, and that seemed to work out fine for them. I am planning to move much of the course discussion to a new private forum on my own membership site, off of Facebook, but that is being set up gradually over the next month or so. So we will likely start the discussions in the Facebook group and then move them over to a private forum connected to my site. There are ways to share discussions and videos apart from Facebook too though, so don’t worry, you can still participate and we can accommodate that. Facebook does offer some easy, accessible functionality for people who are on it regularly or who know to check it, so it’s ideal if everyone can do it, but we can work around that if needed, for sure, and we are able to share videos through direct email links easily too.

Got a question not answered here? 

Contact me directly at or on Facebook via my personal Ranya Renee profile or the Ginger City Community group page. I will be making myself available for phone or video meetings with dancers who are seriously considering series participation and who have specific questions they want to ask before joining. 

Pricing: Regular series rate will be $199
BUT because it's the first time, I'm running a SUPER-DUPER SPECIAL for this round:
and an installment payment plan is also available - same price as the pay in full option, just for this course! 
BECAUSE I WANT YOU TO DO IT, and I want to make it easy for you to do it.

SUPER CHALLENGE: because it's the first time I'm offering this series, I need your help to get out the message!


...and you'll get an extra bonus yourself if we succeed in bringing the crowd! 
If at least 50 participants sign up for this first run of the series, I'll throw in one extra training class and Q&A session for everyone during the second half of the series!!

So please spread the word among your dance friends, troupe members, and students so we can reach 50! 

This series is applicable to all styles of bellydance, and it's also open to other bellydance-friendly movers, so you can promote it to all your peeps!

OH YEAH!!!!!! 

After you register: from mid-March, we’ll add you to the secret Facebook group, where you can meet the other participants and start discussing your goals for our time together! We’ll start discussing available time slots for the first live meetings. And we’ll also go over tech requirements and answer questions to make sure everyone is all set up before we start the live meet-and-greet meetings and coaching sessions. The online forum on my membership site will be set up during the series, and then we can move over there for the course discussions as soon as it's ready. 

Later this month, you’ll be given access to the first online training videos and welcome materials, which will be on a brand-new, easy-access login page on this site, with PDFs and other materials added there over the course of the series. 

Looking forward to breathing with you all!   - Ranya


Regular series rate will be $199. 

and an installment payment plan is also available.


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